This Simple Rule Is The Secret To Creating Awesome Relationships

Austin Belcak
Oct 23, 2020
Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Have you ever heard of the 90:9:1 rule?

Sometimes it’s called the 1% rule and it applies to online groups (it even has its own Wikipedia page!).

It states that an online group of critical mass usually breaks out like this:

1% — People who create original content

9% — People who don’t create, but engage with and share content

90% — People who don’t create, engage, or share — they only observe

What’s this mean for you?

When I work with a client, we create a list of 150 contacts — 15 people at 10 target companies.

That’s an online group of critical mass!

We can use the 90:9:1 rule to understand how to reach out.

For the 90% group of Observers, that’s usually going to be a cold email.

But for the 10% of creators and engagers, we have the opportunity to engage with them in a totally different way!

The key to creating connections is meeting people where they are most active.

That could be email, LinkedIn, Twitter, a personal site, etc.

Understanding where your contact is excited to connect can drastically improve your response rates.

Don’t lock yourself into one channel.

Be creative and know your audience!



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