• Clef Delphina

    Clef Delphina

    First joined Medium after being inspired by writers whom I could relate to. I hope to pay it forward through my bite sized life experiences.

  • Sar Ani

    Sar Ani

  • Emanuel Bucciarelli

    Emanuel Bucciarelli

    Gypsy Soul! Passionate about life, personal growth, knowledge and the general human experience!

  • Yagyavalkya Sharma

    Yagyavalkya Sharma

  • Jerome Weathers

    Jerome Weathers

  • Anna Alferova

    Anna Alferova

  • traci michelle

    traci michelle

    Transformation Addict. Writer. Wanderluster. Believer in Miracles. A spiritual transformation coach, yoga instructor, retreat leader, expert fun creator.

  • Flora Legradi

    Flora Legradi

    millenial. multipotentialite. realistic utopist

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